Synology DSM and VPN connections

Synology DSM offers you a quite simple interface for managing your VPN connections, however, aside the fact that it is missing a lot of advanced options, that are needed for certain providers, it also lacks the possibility of automation. For example, the reason I am writing this is, I am using an OpenVPN connection on my second Synology station together with multiple gateways. That's all fine and good, however, as soon as the VPN client gets into a timeout, it will try to resolve the host name in the config via the VPN gateway, which is now inaccessible. The only way I found to fix this, is simply reconnecting to the VPN server. Sadly, Synology doesn't make that simply exactly simple.

Basics of Synology VPN handling

Synology is using various scripts and flags for handling vpn connections. All of the relevant files for this are found in /usr/syno/etc/synovpnclient Also, the binary file the disk station uses for connection handling is found at /usr/syno/bin/synovpnc, aliased to synovpnc A list of the files and directories in this directory:

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